Content Marketing

It is said that content is king but it is worthless and inneffective without the queen: context.

I will share my experience with content creation for over 100 businesses.

From blog, photo, video and PR
to content for social networks

I know to use them and I achieve results.

Social Networks

Companies not active on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram are losing opportunities to attract people. These sites are where potential customers spend their time.

Social Media Marketing has some rules. Let's work to together my seven year of experience.

Let me help you start to build your social networking presence, like I have for more than 50 companies, projects, and products!

Mobile Marketing

Reach prospects and customers right when they are near your location utilizingmobile and location-based marketing.

Mobile is the personal tool of modern people - so why not utilize it to target only those who need your product?

I have been around for the development of more than 20 mobile applications and websites for companies all around Europe.